Project Selection

As an artist, I retain the right to pick and choose my projects. For the most part, I’m happy to bring life to your vision. But I may, from time to time, have to shake my head and advise you to go elsewhere. For instance:

  • I work at home with small children looking over my shoulder, so I will not accept any projects that would require working with explicit images.
  • I will turn down a project if I feel it’s outside the scope of my skill sets.
  • There’s also a chance that I’ll simply be too busy at a given time to take on another project. If this happens and your job is time sensitive, then I will let you know as soon as you contact me and will be happy to recommend you elsewhere.

Has this ever come up? Not as of the writing of this page. 😉 Thus far, I’ve been quite happy to work on all the projects people have brought to me and have been able to tackle them in a timely fashion. But you know. Just want to be clear.