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Simple Design
, up to 3 hours of work:
$150 for ebook (front cover only)
$200 for full cover (front cover price + $50)
Most contemporary covers are simple designs, as are historical covers that use stock photos that are in need of little digital manipulation. Includes up to $40 in images.


Complex Design
$250 for ebook (front cover only)
$300 for full cover (front cover price + $50)
Covers that involve digital manipulation of people or clothing that take more than 3 hours fall in this category…like when you have a model in mind but she’s dressed in a t-shirt and needs to be in a Renaissance gown. Many historical images can be found that would not require this; I would advise if your design requires this bump. Includes up to $60 in images.


Custom Design with Photo Shoot
Pricing dependent on fees for costume rental, model, and photographer. All prices would be cleared with the author in advance.


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For book cover queries: View Contact Page or Email me directly at roseannamwhite at gmail dot com



Would you like to have an idea of the options I offer and what questions I would ask you? Take a peek at my Getting Started page and my Cover Questionnaire form. (PDF and Word docs are both here for your convenience.)

Cover Design Services – Getting Started (doc)
Cover Design Services – Getting Started(PDF)
Cover Questionnaire (PDF)
Cover Questionnaire(doc)

Image Selection

Sometimes authors want me to find those images . . . and sometimes they like to help in selection. If you’re interested in browsing images, my go-to sites are (including but not limited to):

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