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Roseanna WhiteI didn’t start out life dreaming of being a designer. I wanted to be a writer. And I am. But as I wrote as a child, I always illustrated my stories. When I turned to “serious” novel-writing, I settled for drawing covers for myself. As I grew up and learned how to use computers, I would design my own covers in Paint. And then Painter. Then I eventually got Photoshop.

A few years after that, I actually learned how to use Photoshop. 😉

My road to designing was long, but as a homeschooling mom with two primary-school kids, I discovered that there are just days when I can’t write. There are too many distractions, too much noise…maybe I have a headache or I’m stuck in the plot of my current novel. But I still want to be creative. That, I’ve found, is when I do my best designing. I can tab to and from Photoshop, look up to answer questions, and it doesn’t interrupt my train of thought like it does when I’m writing.

My design-life began with WhiteFire Publishing. I created my first official cover for them in 2012, and since then I’ve been their sole designer. In 2014 I decided to open my doors to freelance work, and since then I’ve been privileged to design covers for other small presses, a slew of indie authors, and even a novella for Harvest House (okay…so it was my novella. Still–they accepted my cover! I was stoked, LOL).

I love little more than creating–creating pictures with my words…and now creating images to capture your words. As an author, I know how important that perfect cover is, and how we all long to have the cover get it and show it. As a business, I know how that perfect logo is required to really portray who you are and what you do. As someone with a product to sell, I know how those promotional images can be ever so useful.

Take a look around at all I offer and what I’ve done in the past, and check out the testimonials from those I’ve worked with before. And let me know if you have any questions!! I’m a total email addict, so I’ll probably get back to you lickety-split. 😉


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