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Behind the Design ~ Forgiven

Behind the Design ~ Forgiven

I was well overdue for another Behind the Design post! So today I decided to feature a book that has just released in digital versions and will be followed by the paperback in just a couple days. This biblical fiction romance is right up my alley as a writer and reader, which meant I tackled the design with quite a lot of enthusiasm! Forgiven is author Carol Ashby’s debut novel. And as I worked with her, I quickly discovered that Carol knows her history very well. If you check out her website, you’ll find a TON of extras on the history. For the cover of this first book in her Light in the Empire Series, she wanted something that showed her Messianic Jewish heroine, her Roman centurion hero, and the distance/tension between the two. Now, there aren’t a ton of stock photos out there with women in biblical era dress. Trust me. I’ve searched and searched for it. And I wanted to give Carol something very unique for her...

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Behind the Design ~ Keepsake Legacy Series

Behind the Design ~ Keepsake Legacy Series

A few months ago, I had one of those heart-racing moments. On an email list I belong to, a well-established author mentioned that she was re-releasing some of her backlist and asked for cover designer recommendations. Obviously, I offered my services. And was beyond thrilled when she hired me. Because this is Stephanie Grace Whitson, whose books I passed many a teenaged weekend with. I have quite a few of them on my shelf to this day. So to get to help breathe new life into some of those older titles . . . well, that’s just pretty darn cool. =) The first series up for new covers was The Keepsake Legacies Series: Sarah’s Patchwork, Karyn’s Memory Box, and Nora’s Ribbon of Memories. First, of course, came the first one. Steph had sent along some photographs she had of the house she based the one in the book on, so I started there. Of course, that’s just a little tiny photo, and it’s a scan of a paper photo,...

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Behind the Design – Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed

Behind the Design – Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed

I recently joined a fun site called 99 Designs, where the customer posts a design job to be done, and then designers can submit options. It’s like a contest–dangerous for this competitive girl. There are all sorts of categories, but I’ve been focusing, of course, on book covers. In my first week on the site, I saw a contest for the cover of a middle grade fantasy called Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed. In the story, a modern girl of about 11 years old stumbles through a portal into another world–a world where the trees are sentient and glow with an inner life. I like the idea of this–having a middle grade reader, I knew the story sounded right on…but at first I decided to forgo this one–I had absolutely no history of designing fantasy covers for kids! But it kept niggling. Because I’d found this image that was just begging to be used. Isn’t that FUN? At first I didn’t know what to do with it, but...

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What the authors are saying about Roseanna's designs

Roseanna does a superb job of capturing the essence of my stories with a gripping visual image to attract readers.

Aside from being the best cover designer I have ever used, Roseanna is a joy to work with.

Roseanna is fun, patient, and really listens to your heart. I want to write books just to see what cover she designs!

Roseanna is talented and highly skilled at both big-picture concept and design…I can’t recommend her enough!

Roseanna’s design captures the heart of my story in a hip, eye-catching way that far surpassed my expectations.

If you’re looking for an incredible designer, go no further. Roseanna White’s talent surpasses any I have ever seen!

Roseanna’s designs communicate the theme of my books in one vivid, emotionally impacting picture!

Roseanna White took the hazy concept I had in my mind and turned it into something powerful and professional.

Roseanna not only has a talent for the graphics, but an ability to bring out the deeper perspective of the character.

This cover conveys the passion and victory of the novel in ways it took me over 300 pages to show.

Roseanna’s designs go beyond making sure her art stays true to detail–she captures the feel of the story.

Roseanna took the vision in my head and transformed it into life and onto the cover of my book.

Roseanna White not only has an eye for beauty, but she also has the technical skills to back up her artistic flair.

Roseanna is fast, efficient, and an absolute joy to work with. I didn’t just find a great designer, I found a friend.

After releasing my first novel, I didn’t need much advertising to sell the story–the cover sold the book!

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